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Protect your online reputation, ITAKA SA protects your online security and reputation.

The Internet is a virtual space where users from across the globe can share and access news, information and content at any time. However, any improper use of such data or information can seriously affect a company’s online reputation and a person’s credibility.

ITAKA SA is committed to protecting your privacy and your right to be forgotten by having any negative content that might damage your current and future reputation deleted, altered, or removed from search results.

Itaka SA

Our services are aimed at Private Clients, Businesses and Public Figures.

Deleting Any Negative Content
We protect and promote your online reputation by removing from the Internet any information that might be harmful to you and your company.


Official Government Publications
We make sure that, if your name or the name of your company is mentioned in any Official Government Publication, it is encrypted/encoded or deleted to prevent any unauthorized access.

ITAKA “New Life”
ITAKA “New Life” offers our customers the unique opportunity to create and publish tailor-made articles about them on newspapers from over 30 countries.


ITAKA “New Life” relies on a worldwide network of journalists and data analysts and works with 340 international periodicals.

Guaranteed results

Our Service in a Nutshell

ITAKA SA offers a money-back guarantee programme to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Get in touch for a free consultation with our specialist team.

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Client request
Client request

We analyse your current online reputation using our online reputation tools.

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Content classification
Content classification

Our experts will share the results of the research with you and develop the best strategy to protect your reputation.

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Service offered
Service offered

We undertake to delete any negative content and provide an estimate of time, cost and success rate.

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Case management
Case management

Our IT experts will use our cutting-edge technology to analyse the content of unwanted links and then proceed to remove or modify them.

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Deleted information
Deleted information

In the end, we will have any negative and harmful content removed and will have built a new, positive online reputation instead.

Experience and expertise

Right to be forgotten

We make sure to enforce your right to be forgotten (CJEU ruling of 13 May 2014 – Regulation (EU) 2016/679 known as GDPR) by having articles, images or videos that damage your reputation removed from search engines, websites, social media platforms, newspapers, as well as government and other official publications.

Delete your past


ITAKA SA also deletes and removes personal data from search results for law firms, public and private bodies, and judicial authorities (Courts, Courts of Appeals, etc.).

ITAKA SA helps you protect and manage your online identity.

Case history

404 Page not found

Sometimes pages, articles or even entire websites that should not appear in the SERPs are indexed by search engines, some remain visible even after several years.

After its removal or suppression, negative content will no longer be visible to search engine users.

Your new image

ITAKA "New Life"

ITAKA “New Life” is a bespoke service that helps you rebuild your online reputation thanks to a worldwide network of journalists and analysts.

We will publish positive articles on renowned international newspapers to boost your brand reputation and build a positive online presence.


Steps and goals:

  • We analyse Google trending keywords from current events
  • We identify and analyse critical queries
  • We develop a 22-week content plan
  • We provide full coverage in reference countries
  • Guaranteed publications
  • We provide SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services aimed at increasing organic traffic on search engines globally
  • We also provide SEO optimisation services aimed at driving organic traffic to your website
  • Using proprietary algorithms, we perform an in-depth analysis of your online presence before and after implementing the ITAKA “New Life” programme

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