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The Cloud as a platform and driving force

ITAKA SA is made up of a team of professionals dedicated to the development of services, projects and solutions that use Cloud technologies. We see the Cloud as a development platform and growth engine, an ecosystem that allows organizations to review their IT resource procurement and consumption strategy.

We support organizations in the process of adopting Cloud technologies, thanks to our skills, we combine a deep knowledge of traditional IT environments (on-premise), with the new technological paradigms offered by the Cloud, integrating and orchestrating traditional technologies and services in hybrid environments multi-Cloud, guaranteeing the organization continuity of services, flexibility and the protection of existing investments.

Itaka SA

We offer a range of services and solutions to cover all the needs of organizations and companies.

Our mission is to simplify the evolution of Organizations towards a new development model, based on data, Cloud technologies and new consumption logic, such as for example “as a service” and “pay-per-use”.


We have chosen to adopt a multi-Cloud approach, in order to avoid the “vendor lock-in” effect and to provide our clients with the best that the major Cloud Providers (AWS, Azure and GCP) on the market have to offer. Our model is based on the creation of hybrid and multi-Cloud solutions and architectures, supported by professional services.

Cloud and security: With the advent of the Cloud, a brand-new model has been created to face the new challenges in terms of security. Whatever the architecture we work on, we at ITAKA SA strive to foster the innovative potential of the Cloud while prioritizing data privacy and the security of the entire infrastructure.


To achieve this goal, we draw on our multi-year experience gained in the Cyber sector. Our teams of experts support each of our projects in all the different phases, in order to guarantee compliance with the most advanced security procedures.

A team of specialists

Our approach

There is no single way to adopt or consolidate the use of Cloud technologies.

The definition of a strategy goes hand in hand with the achievement of medium and long-term strategic objectives.
More specifically, we carry out the following steps



We begin by getting to know the business and the activities of the Organization. Through talks and interviews, webinars and workshops we analyse the entire IT infrastructure and the different processes involved, in order to be able to provide suitable solutions for modern, secure and tailor-made Cloud scenarios.


Cloud Strategy

With the help of our experts, we define the most appropriate cloud migration strategy and how to extend IT systems and related processes from a Cloud perspective, always paying the utmost attention to security and investment protection.


Cloud at Work

This is the phase in which we optimize the application systems, data and infrastructure according to the Cloud model chosen (Public, Private, Hybrid), and the service model adopted (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS). In this phase, all the security features of the ecosystem will also be reviewed and adjusted.

Our skills

Our Cloud Services

Cloud Adoption

Cloud Adoption

This consulting service is designed to walk companies through the adoption phase of Cloud services. We work with our clients to answer the questions, “Why migrate to the Cloud?” and “How to migrate to the Cloud?”.

Our experience in traditional IT environments (on-premises) and knowledge of the new technological paradigms offered by the Cloud allow us to define safe paths and effective ``Cloud Adoption`` strategies for our clients.

We want our clients to be able to focus on managing new work models, with the highest levels of service and performance, without wasting energy and resources on technological complexity and building on existing investments.

Modern Workplace

Modern Workplace

In order to set up a Modern Workplace, create a fully collaborative work environment and increase the productivity of all staff, it is necessary to integrate numerous technological components used on different devices, by users who are both inside and outside the company.

A Modern Workplace combines hardware devices (notebooks, smartphones and tablets) with many application components to ensure full operational efficiency.

At ITAKA SA, our expert team aims at bringing clients to a modern cloud work environment, integrated with all of the company components, capable of implementing innovative and collaborative procedures, enhancing data and documents in security and activating different working methods, such as remote work.

Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

Migrating data, infrastructure and applications to the Cloud means above all rethinking the model with which professionals both inside and outside the Organization operate and work. The impact and scope of a migration project goes beyond the IT department and impact the company at every level.

The Cloud Migration solution created at ITAKA SA will be customized for each individual client. At each stage, the security, compliance and privacy requirements, as well as the budget, the complexity of the solution to be migrated, and last but not least, the company's internal know-how will be assessed, so as to guarantee operational efficiency and continuity.

There are many variables to assess in order to decide which Cloud model (Public, Private, Hybrid) to choose, and which service model (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) to adopt.

ITAKA SA’s Cloud Providers work side by side with our clients to achieve the expected results, along a path that gives companies time to adapt to the transformation process.

App Modernization

App Modernization

We are used to using many applications, built with the widest variety of technologies, from legacy systems to web architectures. This is why defining the right strategy to choose for the modernization of the applications can be an arduous task.

It is necessary to intervene because our applications have become obsolete and incompatible with the OS on our devices, or because the Applications expose our data to serious security risks, or even because the applications no longer respond to the business needs for which they were created.

We at ITAKA SA rely on a team of experts with multidisciplinary skills to develop the best ``App Modernization`` strategy to meet even the most complex needs.

Often we rebuild the entire application from scratch, reviewing UX and UI, using a Microservices architecture, while other times, it is enough to containerize an application and take it to systems such as Kubernetes or Docker to obtain immediate benefits.

Low Code No Code Application

Low Code No Code Application

Working in a smart way by exploiting the potential of intelligent automation makes it possible to develop application software with extreme efficiency and speed, aligning with the needs of digital transformation and business agility.

This innovative system of software development aims at bridging the gap between IT and business, simplifying the life cycle of applications (development, deployment and updating) as much as possible.

The acronym LCNC (Low Code No Code) is a new way to design applications for which, in most cases, processes and workflows can be created, using technologies that users have often already adopted and without having to turn to the figure of the programmer.

This leads to a significant increase in productivity. Programmers too use low-code solutions to create prototypes and Proof of Concepts for innovative apps. We at ITAKA SA help our clients create tailor-made solutions for their specific business needs, such as:

  • Managing, collecting, or merging real-time data
  • Automating the manual management processes
  • Organizing events
  • Managing work schedules
  • Allowing access to company systems and data
  • Simplifying employee onboarding
  • Adding new operations
  • Generating and managing sales invoices
  • Improving fleet management

Infrastructure optimization

Infrastructure optimization

The traditional IT service management model is far from being perfect, since the purchase and installation of hardware components and software systems requires significant investments in terms of capex and human resources. Furthermore, systems becoming obsolete quickly and the infrastructure not being flexible, contribute to making this model for the most part inefficient.

Here is our solution: The Cloud allows us to bypass this model and allows us to implement a sophisticated operation of ``Infrastructure Optimization``, with which we will be able to move workloads from ``on-premise`` systems to our cloud infrastructure of choice. It is a question of balancing the use of resources, avoiding capex investments, and building on the investments made.

Optimizing one's IT infrastructure is often the first step in defining a strategy of ``Cloud Adoption``, since it allows the company to take its first steps towards the Cloud, perhaps starting with a Proof of Concept before moving into a cloud migration system.

ITAKA SA’s in-depth knowledge of the various platforms and its commitment to quality are key when dealing with a complex and multi-cloud ecosystem that has on-premise components and other components distributed using SaaS, PaaS models and IaaS, on different Cloud Providers. As a matter of fact, with the adoption of the Cloud, the management of IT assets is different and requires a multidisciplinary approach as well as new tools.

We strive to constantly optimize our capacity and service levels, in order to maximize the performance/value ratio and cut unnecessary costs while reducing waste.


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